Anders-Petter Andersson

Project Manager of Nordplus Horizontal network, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Design (NTNU), Chairman of the foundation Den Gode Idé

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Where you work / your institution or company
Department of Design at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Gjøvik in Norway, close to Lillehammer.

What you work with
Teaching and researching design of health services, design for diversity (children, elderly, families), multi-sensory environments with music, textiles, sensors, computers. Makerspace - a social, technical and artistic space for co-design, prototyping, imagination of new ideas and futures.

Your motivation to be part of this network
To give my depressed design students hope for the future in a situation of climate change, geo-political risks, health crisis, spiritual and cultural challenges. To develop and share methods for imagining new worlds and solutions and collaborations that are cross-disciplinary between Health Promotion, Sustainability and Design.

Your expectations to what you would like to get out of this network
Relations to like-minded, with better understanding of what we can do as a community to build resilience. Make my farm house and garden in Baldringe in Skåne and Løvlie in Norway, into a space for workshops, sharing and imagination with others. New applications for new projects.