Anja Mays (Assagiarsuk-Igutsak)

Self employed, IceWisdom Angaangaq

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Where you work / your institution or company
Self employed / IceWisdom Angaangaq (personal assistant)

What you work with
Ceremonies, People, energetic holistic bodywork (Qi Gong, Shamanism, Massagetherapy, sound therapy), circle work.

Your motivation to be part of this network
I am able to build meaningful relationships with people that live the knowledge and wisdom of the european north, to get deeper connected at our common roots of ceremonies, practices, cultural understanding and behaviour and who want to learn and include indigenous and western wisdom, practices and knowledge/research & science.

Your expectations to what you would like to get out of this network
A relationship which might be fruitful to make living what we on our way and workshops found out, e.g. in getting to know eachother and nourishing this way the already existing networks and organisations we are part of - so we learn from eachother by walking together. Walking together with Angaangaq I would like the outcome to make living his spiritual task, to create a center for healing in Greenland, so learn about 'best practices, do's & don't's' in community and all relevant aspects, so the upcoming questions and talks could lead us to a research and solutions that will be practically used.