Brita Flatvad Nielsen

Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Design (NTNU)

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What do you work with
I tend to work whith issues that demand a human and societal focus through design, in contexts of high complexity. I am currently working with Relational Design as an approach moving design into a more flexible, open and situational approach in which design makes a difference in a complex net of relationships and focus on situational approaches rather than tool dependent ones. I apply this to societal issues including social exclusion, universal design, mental health, urban design, and humanitarian design (design for people and communities affected by human or nature made crisis). I teach service design, services for all, design thinking and humanitarian design; for design students and non-designers. Recently I have started to work on how people understand crisis and how we can prepare and protect each other in times of crisis through inclusive warning systems.

Your motivation to be part of this network
The focus of this network seems to be in line with my perspectives and interests on human resilience and how we're strongly connected to the world around us; and how we can best join efforts to cope with whats ahead.

Your expectations to what you would like to get out of this network
I hope to contribute to the discussions and knowledge building, and build stronger network in our region. I have not focused so much on the Nordic region so far but have wanted to!

Design for Self-Reliance (research blog)