Fiona Andersen

Self employed, Body Mind Care

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Where do you work, and what you work with
I work in my own company, with individuals who want to improve health from the inside out, I do workshops and work with mental health at work places, and I write a book about how to create a positive health change, from the essence out into body, energy, mind, interaction. I created the EFFEKTIVT model about this, which I will present at the first workshop. The book is going to be for people who want to use it for themselves, and for those who work with people with stress and strain disorders etc.

I work in Ry Aftenskole which is a place where adults go and learn things of their interest in their spare time. Here I teach pilates, mindful dancing, fitness, mindfulness, and creating a positive health change from inside out.

I also work at Bavnebjerg, a part of Sølund, a place where people with developmental, physical and mental disabilities live. Here I work as a psychomotor therapist, taking part in everyday life at the place.

Your motivation and expectations of participating in this network
I want to learn more about, and develop ways to work with, health in a community and green transition context. How do we relate in healthy ways to other people, other beings and nature? Can the work that I have so far done with individuals and groups, extend into how we create and live in communities and with the beings around us? What would starting from the essence, and growing out into body, energy, mind, interaction mean when we do it in a larger context? I look forward to learning from others in the network, and showing what I already have.

Maybe it will lead to a book no. 2 about creating heath from inside out in communities.