Håkan Edeholt

Oslo School of Archtecture and Design/AHO

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Where you work / your institution or company
I work at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, and its Institute of Design

What you work with
As an Industrial Designer, I'm teaching and doing research about my profession's ability to address Climate Change, Global Heating and all global and local consequences these unfortunately are driving. On one hand we don't need more products of the kind driving consumption today, but on the other we need radically different ones that facilitate a radically different life.

Your motivation to be part of this network
In order to address dire challenges we have today, I believe that we need to build on diversity and utilize each other's competences in an interdisciplinary manner that resembles the networks so inherent for an 'undisturbed' and diverse nature. I believe that we for resilience need a new 'ecology of disciplines and competences' where each primarily should focus on what one can 'bring to the table' and less on all doing the same.

Your expectations to what you would like to get out of this network
I hope that the network will be able to facilitate the kind of network I describe above and be able to find new relations that somehow make a change that makes a change as swiftly as possible, the dire situation today requires and, if not before, this summer so clearly displayed.