Jomy Joseph

Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), University of Oslo/IKOS

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Jomy Joseph (he/him) is an Industrial Designer and Postdoctoral researcher with the Anthropogenic Soils project at IKOS, University of Oslo. 

His research interests include speculative futures, long-term sustainability, technological disobedience, regenerative ecology, politics, and culture. He successfully defended his PhD in March 2023 titled, ReFuturing Studies: Rehumanizing Futures through/by Design, at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO). His research explores a systematic, generative, Research by/through Design inquiries exploring alternative, emergent, concrete utopias articulated through Speculative Industrial Design, through/by making and fabricating artifacts, design fictions, exhibitions, and research publications.

In his postdoctoral research, he is exploring the systems, structures, and materialities that currently enable a designed culture to defuture and dehumanize Human-Soil relations for a privileged few and further entrench the unsustainability of everyday life for the many, humans and non-humans. 

He wants to explore how industrial design, in an interdisciplinary framework, can refuture and rehumanize alternative Soil Futures, by reclaiming the present such that the future is completely different when it arrives.