Miranda Stokmans – Ningijoq Saamasoq (peaceful Elder)

Self Employed, Native Greenland Foundation

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Where do you work / your institution or company
Chairwoman of the Native Greenland Foundation www.nativegreenland.org

Daily life: Energetic therapist at my own practice, family-constellations and shamanic training-groups.

What do you work with
For the Foundation I give my very best to follow my heart and do what is needed to make this world a better place for all.

In daily life as therapist I give counseling and (shamanic) healing. I also guide groups into family-constellations and shamanic training.

Your motivation to be part of this network
The goal of our Foundation is to support Native people of Greenland. On the one hand to find ways to heal the trauma of a past with wounds of colonization by traditional healing. To honor and support their traditional culture to be preserved for generations to come.

On the other hand to build a bridge between the two worlds of the far North and the West, as I do believe that our world needs the wisdom of the indigenous people now more than ever before. Unfortunately we forgot to listen to those that survived the most challenging conditions on earth for thousands of years. They are the custodians and caretakers of mother earth that have the wisdom to guide us how to live with the land, instead of plundering her.

Our project name is Illu Peqqissarfik "House of Healing" and we need all the help we can get.

Your expectations to what you would like to get out of this network
I'm looking so much forward to meet you all and find ways how we can grow together and find ways to exchange our wisdom and knowledge. So we and the world we live in, can benefit from the seeds that will start growing in Denmark in August. See you all soon.