AGENDA: Network Meeting

  1. Introducing new and old network members (Anders)
  2. Report from Workshop 1, Himmelbjergsgården Kick-off meeting and Co-Design workshop, workshop 1, (Anders, Aslaug)
  3. Introducing NEW website, please take a look and comment on a first work-in-progress version available at: (Anders)
  4. Next workshop 2 in Malmö March 1-3 2024 (Anne-Charlotte, Charlotte)
  5. Planning ahead for the following workshops in 2024, 3 (Greenland) and 4 (Baldringe/Östra Sönnarslöv) (Anders)
  6. Practical issues, economy, travels, accommodation, etc. (Anders)
  7. "Eventuellt", other things you want to address (Anders)