PROJECT: Application Documents for Nordplus Horisontal network NPHZ-2023/10030


Application documents: Resilience through Health Promoting and Sustainable Future Workshops (HackOurHealthEcology) Project number NPHZ-2023/10030, 2023-2025.

The researchers and practitioners involved in this network plan to develop knowledge and resilience in civil societies that face multiple crises caused by climate change, geopolitical changes and challenges in energy and public health. We will do so by combining experiences from Health Promotion, Sustainability and Design in local communities. We focus on how communities can learn to inspire and re-connect to relations, nature and hope for the future, through sharing practical methods of experience and crafting in the workshop of the future.
We address how we can strengthen social resilience and health promotion in civil society by co-designing energy and food production, gardening, planting, social diversity, and thereby develop well-being, social coherence and stories of positive futures. Topics include what we can do locally in times of crisis in society, climate change, biodiversity, health and wellbeing.
By bringing together the academic fields and practices of Health Promotion, Sustainability (Permaculture, Systemic Thinking), Design (Co-Design, Maker, Hacker culture), the network will provide participating researchers and practitioners with concrete experiences through a series of 6 practice-based workshops in the civil societies of the partner countries. The workshops will focus on Health Promotion(WP1), City Sustainability(WP2), Native Greenland Arctic(WP3), Farming, Energy, Design Resources(WP4), Winter Mountain Lucky Næroset(WP5), Garden and Forest Therapy(WP6). From experiences in the workshops we will continuously reflect and develop a learning material(WP8) and academic papers(WP7) on multidisciplinary and community-based ways of coping with the challenges of crisis that can be shared across sectors in academia, private, public and NGOs, in Denmark, Greenland, Norway and Sweden.

(NPHZ-2023/10030 Page 2 (21) Submitted - 01-Feb-2023)

Partners in the network are Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) | Anders Folkesson Landskapsarkitektur | Fiona Andersen | Himmelbjerggården and Earth Ways - Nordic Centre for Re-Generative Learning | Malmö University/School of Arts and Communication (K3), Centre for Teaching and Learning (CAKL) and Research Centre for Applied Work Life Experiences (CTA) | Native Greenland Foundation | Ice Wisdom | Norwegian University of Science and Technology/Departments of Design and Health Sciences (NTNU)


What did we learn from it? To collect and put together a description of relevant context and dire situations and to find possible collaborating partners who was interested to work and share ideas and time with each other.

What lessons did we learn? That discussions on how community with partners from NGOs, business and academia, can help build resilience in times of crisis in the Nordic countries are interesting for a Nordic audience. 

What new thoughts and ideas did it bring us along the way? From the first kick-off meeting at Himmelbjerggården in August 2023 that we need to step up and not only sustain what is but to re-generate and contribute and give more than we take.

What can we possibly use it for? To learn from our diverse perspectives and backgrounds, To collect and create and share good examples, methods, learning materials, etc. for practitioners and students and ourselves. Find strength in each others competencies and examples to be able to  strengthen hope for the future.

Download application documents here: Resilience through Health Promoting and Sustainable Future Workshops (HackOurHealthEcology) Project number NPHZ-2023/10030, 2023-2025.