CENTRE, COURSE: EarthWays Re-Generative learing - Learn to give more than we take


How can we learn to give more than we take? Welcome to join  the EarthWays Re-Generative learning environment, situated at the Nordic Centre for Re-generativ Learning, Himmelbjerggården in Denmark.

Nature: We work with our perspectives on nature, our relation to nature and our eco-literacy to learn to live ecologically responsible lives on Earth.

Academy: EarthWays Academy share diverse experiences we make through collaboration, courses, workshops and festivals. 

Experimentarium: We are a meeting place for people exploring and implement re-genereative strategies in practice.

Arts & Culture: We create a space for cross-disciplinary collaborations through our residencies and ArtWalk.

Nordplus Horizontal participants Jesper Saxegren, Aslaug Færch Johnsen, Jeppe Graugaard, Anne Weber Carlsen are members of the EarthWays team.