MEETING: minutes from online meeting 24th October 2023



Minutes from the meeting

Tuesday 24th of October 2023.

A fitting introduction to the text so the person can read this first and get a nice overview of the content which is presented underneath. This is just a placeholder text to show how the design can look

Present: Jesper, Anne-Charlotte, Anne, Fiona, Lone, Katerina, Jomy, Josina, Håkan, Aslaug, Miranda, Anja, Anders-Petter.
Absent (but send their thoughts): Brita, Anne-Marie, Charlotte, Kari, Henriett, Jeppe

1. Introducing new and old network members (Anders)
All new and old members of the network presented themselves

2. Report from Workshop 1, Himmelbjergsgården Kick-off meeting and Co-Design workshop, workshop 1, (Aslaug, Anders)
Aslaug reported from workshop 1 Kick-off at Himmelbjerggården and the Permaculture festival, about the facilities and the room that we use for concentrated meetings and how we took part in the workshops out and around Himmelbjerggården. Anders reported from the co-design workshop we in the network group design and facilitaded together with participants at the festival (please see workshop instructions and pictures with results from the Co-design workshop at the new website for the network

3. Introducing NEW website, please take a look and comment on a first work-in-progress version available at: (Anders)
Anders presented the NEW website made by Graphical design student Pia Thorshaug. Anders asked for comments and content. Please take a ook under your name (About, partners) Please use the 4 questions as atemplate or add something of your own that presents you to the network. Please take a look at Brita Flatvad Nielsen from NTNU and her presentation there. She is very interested in joining for Malmö. Also look at the posted contet under Learn. These are just placeholders. See if you can use the post called TEMPLATE… for the content you want to present. Jomy, Håkan Anne Charlotte, Josina, Lone, Jeppe, Jesper, Anne, Asloug and really all of you, I am sure you have plenty of things that could fit here. Talks, videos, methods you mean is relevant for us. Let me know and I help you post , or give access for you to edit on your own. The platform is very simple and reminds of Wixsite (click and write, much simpler than Wordpress).

4. Next workshop 2 in Malmö March 1-3 2024 (Anne-Charlotte, Anne-Marie, Charlotte)
Anne-Charlotte invited us to Malmö University and the second workshop that will be in March 1-3 2024. Sher assured us to get a full programme on the theme Materiality, Identy and communication with many local workshops. She urged us to join for all 3 days and even come the night before. This is because they plan to do it as a process with a development of doing and reflecting over the three days. All a comodation and travel is payed for by the project. Please contact Anders if you have questions.

5. Planning ahead for the following workshops in 2024, 3 (Greenland) and 4 (Baldringe/Östra Sönnarslöv) (Anders)
Anja and Miranda talked about the planning of the workshop 3 at Greenland. On our request at Himmelbjerggården and later, Anja suggests a focus on permaculture and de-colonization issues with contacts with perma culture researchers as well as with native Greenlanders who are interested to discuss and meet with us. We have to decide on dates and also discussed to make clearer and state our purpose and wishes for travelling to Greenland, respect for the citizens and the culture there. Anne Charlotte suggested a questionaire that we can send out where we can pick prefered dates (27th-30th June 2024, or 15th-18th August 2024) and write the about how we like to see our stay, the persons, direction and purpose of our participation and activitivities. 

6. Practical issues, economy, travels, accommodation, etc. (Anders)
Mail or call Anders +4748467760 if you have questions

7. "Eventuellt", other things you want to address (Anders)
NEXT MEETING: We decided to make a preliminary booking for a meeting on Tuesday 14th at 19.00-20.30 to have a follow up on the travel dates and planning of the workshop 3 on Greenland (27th-30th June 2024, or 15th-18th August 2024). Anne Charlotte will come back with information on the workshop 2 in Malmö and might also suggest another date for talking and deciding about Greenland but it seamed like almost all at tonights meeting could participate. Many in the network have made contacts with Greenland environments both at University and elsewhere. Please write down the contacts and your thoughts about what you want to meet and we can discuss it on the next meeting. Also answer the questionaire when it is sent out. I also suggest members to send the names and possible contacts to Anja for coordination and Anders. 

Meanwhile, until Tuesday 14th November, I Anders will make rounds, calling and mailing to talk and reach out to everybody before that about Greenland, participation, practicalities and other issues.


Anders in Gjøvik on October 24th, 2023

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